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Riverwood Mall is a leading multi-tenant retail sales and office center in Waite Park. The mall is ideally situated along County State Aid Highway 75 (Division Street), 1 block east of Mills Fleet Farm. Division Street serves as the primary entrance to Waite Park and St. Cloud, and Riverwood Mall greatly benefits from exposure on this major roadway.  We are the only center of its kind to feature a premier Division Street entrance and magnificent private access to the Sauk River. Our unique setting is perfect to start or grow your small business.

We believe in small business 

Riverwood Mall believes that small businesses contribute to the strength of our local communities, and our relationship with the community contributes to the success of small businesses.  We are proud to consider ourselves a valuable partner for our tenants by maintaining active memberships with the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce and Minnesota Shopping Center Association. It is our goal is to promote economic prosperity by working together with these civic leaders.

Committed to expansion and growth

Our years of experience have taught us a great deal about our tenants, their businesses, what makes them successful. As a premium multi-tenant retail sales and office center, we strive to balance current trends with future local and regional demands.  With more than 6.3 acres of total commercial area adjacent to major arterial and commercial collector streets, we are positioned well to facilitate any future expansion of your business.


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